Save 25% on the Floatcam remote Pan & Head system!

glowica_zestaw_318pxThe new Floatcam Pan & Tilt remote head is now available for a limited time at a 25% discount on list! This capable and versatile piece of kit can be used in conjunction with the DollyCrane HD, SD+ & SD, as well as in combination with the existing MoCo system, and is also compatible with most tripod, crane, slider and jib arms from 3rd party suppliers. Engineered to the same high standards as all Floatcam equipment, it is robust, reliable and cost effective with prices now starting at just £2499 + vat & delivery!

Get in touch for more details or to arrange a demo.

Pan/Tilt wireless head

Pan/Tilt wireless head

Looking to hire a DollyCrane HD or SD? Look no further!

The Floatcam Dollycrane is a unique counterbalanced slider/jib that can be used at almost any angle, including vertical (tower mode) and will accommodate camera packages from 4 – 32kg. Available in manual or MoCo configurations.

So if you’re looking to hire a DollyCrane in 2017, we have both the HD and SD in stock, along with the wireless MoCo systems and a range of accessories.