Floatcam FC14 and Dollycrane put to great use in this short film clip

In the Mood feat. The Polka Dots

Angelic Films recently used the Floatcam FC14 and Dollycrane for their musical short film ‘In The Mood’, from which this excerpt is taken.

The entire 15 minute film was shot in 2 days on location in South Bucks, and the Floatcam kit enabled the production team to move quickly between setups whilst retaining a high level of production value.

It was shot on Sony F3’s using Canon Prime lenses, and the FC14 also had a Preston LCS and cinetape mounted on the sled, and all powered from a single 12v Anton Bauer battery on the sleds dual battery mounts.

The film was photographed by Trevor Coop, and the FC14 operator was our very own Adam Coop.



Check back for more clips from the film very soon.

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