Custom Flightcases NOW AVAILABLE for the DollyCrane

£395 + vat per set of 2 high quality custom built flight cases.

As with most film grip equipment, our DC spends a lot of time being dragged in and out of the back of vehicles, to and from film sets and even through international airports. So in order to better survive these testing conditions, we have commissioned a set of tough lightweight flightcases to accommodate the DollyCrane, and convey it in warmth and safety anywhere in the world.

The flightcases are now offered as an option with new DC orders.

Please get in touch for more details.

Case 1: 1920x300x290 in black Astroboard with alu corners and trim, recessed handles and end castors.
Case 2: 920x355x230 as above.

The cases are designed to accommodate the standard laser cut foam inserts currently supplied with the standard soft cases.

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